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by StudyDaddy on December 23, 2017

StudyDaddy is offering “Charter Membership” through March 31, 2019 to encourage high school and college students to become Student Tutors at their exciting new online learning community! There is a tremendous need to empower Hispanic students of all ages to reach their highest academic potential from elementary through post graduate levels. Selecting tutors who have achieved academic success in the specific subject areas, and at the academic levels that students and parents are seeking, is an effective way to help students set, reach for, and achieve their academic goals. 

It is equally important for tutors to effectively communicate and engage with students seeking their tutoring services, and by relating to students through shared language and cultural experiences, the chances for success are even greater! Students Connecting recognizes how successful students can become when they gain heightened self-esteem and self- confidence by working with student tutors who “get” them and understand the cultural and academic challenges they are facing. At Students Connecting, Student Tutors can help students reach their academic goals, as they build their tutoring businesses, and create real homework help by StudyDaddy experiences! 

Recognizing the need for a tutor, is the first step for a student to take in order to achieve academic success. Although college attendance is at record levels for young people between the ages of 18 and 24, nine out of ten high school dropouts of Hispanic origin do not go on to complete a General Educational Development (GED) course, as stated on this report from Pew Hispanic Center. A GED or high school diploma is necessary for anyone who wishes to develop a career through college, the military or vocational education. 

More Hispanic students who do receive a high school diploma or GED credential are going on to college. Richard Fry, a Senior Research Associate with the Pew Hispanic Center, reported in August of 2018 that enrollment of Hispanic college students had increased by a record 24 percent. Students Connecting seeks to address the academic gap between Hispanic and non-Hispanic students by providing tutors who understand the unique challenges faced by Hispanic students. Americans of Hispanic origin now comprise 16 percent of the population of the United States as result of immigration and increasing birth rates. 

The increase in the number of young Hispanics attending college parallels an overall increase in young people attending college. As of October of 2017, there were 12 million people between the ages of 18 and 24 taking college courses in the United States, according to a report that can be found on Much of the learning done by these young people is done online. Online college courses make it much more convenient for people of any age to balance work and family obligations with academic commitments. 

The technology that has enabled online learning lends itself to online tutoring. A tutor no longer has to be in the same room with a student to view the student’s course assignments or answer questions effectively. Webcams, instant messaging, and innovative communication modalities, make it possible for tutors to help students in real time. Students Connecting encourages students to communicate “where, when, and how” they prefer, through in person tutoring sessions, and/or through web enabled communication platforms in a multilingual format. Students Connecting will continue to research and develop innovative tools to enhance communication between Student Tutors and Students Seeking Tutoring Services, supporting the values of open communication, diversity, and integrity while providing members and visitors with the highest levels of innovation and service.

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